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  1. Download the latest version of processing (currently Processing 2.0) from the Processing website.

  2. Download the Android ADT Bundle from the Android Development Website.

  3. If you can’t get the ADT Bundle, the SDK Tools Only option will also work.

  4. In the ADT folder, go to sdk -> tools, and execute the android app.

  5. Click the checkbox next to Android 2.3.3 (API 10).

  6. Click the Install Button.

  7. Open the processing application.

  8. There is a tab in the top right corner, that might say (click it to see the options).

  9. Java

  10. Experimental

  11. Android

  12. If Android is an option, or is already selected, choose it.

  13. Otherwise, select Add Mode...

  14. Select Android Mode and Click Install.

  15. Close the popup, and select android from the menu.

  16. On the Device Go to Settings -> Developer Options

  17. Turn USB Debugging On.

  18. Plug in the Android tablet.

  19. Click Run in the processing window.

  20. Enjoy your newly created Android App.