layout: page title: “Setting up Processing for Kinect” #date: 2013–06–07 17:21 comments: true sharing: true footer: true — Instructions thanks to: Harrison Unruh

  1. Go to The Simple OpenNI processing download page, and save the .zip file

  2. Extract the zip file ( to C:/Users/username/Documents/Processing/libraries

  3. Go to: The OpenNI Libraries and drivers download page, and save the .zip file.

  4. Extract the zip file (

  5. Go into the folder you just extracted, and run the OpenNI installer

  6. Now, run the NITE Installer

  7. Finally, run the sensor-win64 installer (do NOT run the kinect installer, unless you are using the actual Microsoft Kinect)

  8. Go ahead and plug in your sensor, and try a sample program.

Further instructions at the OpenNI/Processing Google Code page.